Got A Band


        I’m excited to announce the lineup of musicians for the September release party! The Perambulator began as a demo then bloomed into a full album but it was always a studio project with many bells, whistles, and hard- to-pin-down musicians. I always knew assembling the ensemble to play the party would be a challenge.


        Erik Ian Walker’s piano and keyboards helped define my album’s overall sound, so I’m delighted that he will be playing in the party band. Erik is my favorite kind of artist- classically trained but still ready and willing to rock and roll. Although juggling myriad projects, including the stunning, experimental Climate Music Project, he agreed to play my humble ditties, and for that I am grateful.


        Eddie Berman played drums on most of the tracks on The Perambulator. A great drummer and one of the nicest guys around, he was on board for playing the party show from the very beginning. Eddie’s played in many bands since starting out in the 70’s Bay Area punk scene with No Sisters and more recently in The Unauthorized Rolling Stones.


        I met the legendary Gary Hobish (bass guitar) when he mastered The Perambulator in his professional capacity at A. Hammer Mastering. During our session he kept saying, “I really like what I’m hearing.” I guess he did, because when I asked him for referrals for musicians to play the party, he volunteered himself! Like Eddie, Gary’s roots go back to the local 70’s punk scene when he was in The Jars. Since then he’s played bass for many years with the critically acclaimed band True Margrit.


        On guitar is Sean Griffin, a Bay Area native like me. Sean was a founding member of Black Pole (Afropunk) and Bettie Black (glam/goth), and also played in Unity 5 (Brazilian/reggae) and The Liz Anah Band (americana). Now he’s studying jazz. My quest for a guitarist versatile enough to play the different styles on my album ended when I met Sean.

        All that’s left are a couple of background singers and we are good to go. It’s gonna be a great party in September! Although it might not sound precisely like the album... Hey- it could even sound better!