Co-ProducerGuitars on Look AwayFamily Album, A Certain GuyVampire Daddy, Read The SignsEnchanté Monsieur, The Perambulator, Melt, Banjo on The Waiting Song, M-Tron on The Waiting Song, Backing Vocals on A Certain Guy

Mark Zanandrea2.jpg

Mark Zanandrea is a San Francisco guitarist, singer, and songwriter. In the mid-1980’s he formed the notorious, critically acclaimed band The Catheads and also produced and compiled SF Unscenean anthology of underground San Francisco bands. Mark has been in many bands including X-Tal, The Buckets, and It Thing. More recently he founded Rue ’66, San Francisco’s premier Yê-Yé band, in which he plays guitar. In 2016, he will release the Kensington Way Revisited (It Thing’s second album) exclusively on vinyl.



Co-Producer, Engineer, Bass on Family Album, A Certain Guy, Read The Signs, Enchanté Monsieur, The Perambulator, Melt, Guitar on A Certain Guy, Drums on Family Album

Matt Cohen is an audio engineer/producer and multi-instrumentalist. Over the past two decades he’s worked on Grammy-nominated albums and movies and with local and international artists. He enjoys playing music with friends in his spare time. Matt lives in Marin County with his wife, a freelance photographer, and their 2 young children. His website features amusing stories of the normal behavior of the rich and famous.



String Arrangement on Look Away, Keyboards/Piano on Look Away, Bad Dream Blues, Family Album, Read The Signs, The Waiting Song, Melt)

Erik Ian Walker, keyboardist, plays a very wide range of styles, but for sure has rock and blues nailed. He has been composing and recording music for theater, dance, film and television in the Bay Area since 1982, including numerous site-specific experimental theater events.  He runs WackoWorld Music, his teaching studio, and produces and records musicians at his studio Crib Nebula. His retro-prog instrumental rock band, Castle Canyon, released their new album, Criteria Obsession, early this year (2015). A notable ongoing new endeavor is the Climate Music Project, a collaboration with UC Berkeley climate scientists, wherein the predicted changes in climate from 1800 to 2300 have been translated to sound with stunning accuracy.  It was just performed at the Chabot Space and Science Museum Planetarium in Oakland, CA and will tour the Bay Area and beyond (  Erik graduated from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in 1980, studying with John Adams and Alden Jenks.



Drums on A Certain Guy, Vampire Daddy, Enchanté Monsieur, The Perambulator, Melt

Eddie Berman.jpg

Eddie Berman is a longtime member of the San Francisco Bay Area music community. Some of the bands he’s played in include The Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra, Big Bang Beat, House of Floyd, Eye Protection, No Sisters, and The Unauthorized Rolling Stones.



Bass on Look Away, Bad Dream Blues


Dan Feiszli is a bassist, freelance recording engineer, and producer in the San Francisco Bay Area. He plays both upright and electric basses in many different styles of music. Dan has performed or toured with James Moody, Raul Midon, Mickey Hart, Julio Iglesias, Nicole Yarling and Raul DiBlasio. He is featured on hundreds of recordings as both a bassist and recording engineer and has recorded and mixed albums reaching as high as #4 on the US Top 40 Jazz Radio Charts. 



Drums on Look Away, Bad Dream Blues, Read The Signs


Alan Hertz has been playing drums since he was 7. While living in the Bay Area he played with KVHW, Garaj Mahal, and with Alan Hertz and Friends, his handpicked ensemble of top local musicians. Since relocating to Los Angeles he’s been playing with the Scott Henderson trio, Michael Landau’s trio, and touring with the New Sons of Champlin. He continues to freelance as both drummer and recording engineer.



Keyboards/Piano on Enchanté Monsieur, The Perambulator

Steve LaFollette1.jpg

Steve Lafollette formerly played bass, guitar, and keyboards in 60’s oriented bands including The Question and Jigsaw Seen (Los Angeles) and Shitty Shitty Band Band and Beulah (San Francisco). He lives in Portland with his wife and daughter and still plays in bands.



Backing Vocals on Family Album, Enchanté Monsieur, The Perambulator


Allyson Paige is a professional vocalist and voice teacher in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area. She started out fronting her own band at 17 and was lead vocalist for San Francisco bands The Chris Cobb Band and Asher and Paige.  She has provided backing/harmony vocals to many other Bay Area artists. 



Backing Vocals on Family Album, Enchanté Monsieur, The Perambulator


Andrea Shippy currently fronts her own band Andrea and the Bad Sugar Daddies. Influenced by David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Bach, and Nina Simone she is a San Francisco singer/songwriter/saxophonist with an eclectic indie glam rock sound.



Ukulele, Tambourine, Backing Vocals on The Perambulator, Tambourine on Read The Signs


Joe Tate was a founding member of Sausalito’s houseboat colony in the late 1960’s and has played mainly guitar in many bands including Salvation and The Redlegs. He’s written a book about the outlaw, pirate-like Redlegs, Last Voyage Of The Redlegs. (Click here to read chapter one). Joe’s also written Ukulele Baby, a songbook of 18 original and traditional ukulele songs ranging from easy to difficult which includes a play-along CD. He still lives in Sausalito and plays regularly every Monday at the Sausalito Cruising Club, where he hosts the Blue Monday Blues Jam Sessions.



Six-String Bass, Look Away.

Don Ciccone2.jpg

Don Ciccone currently plays bass in San Francisco's premier Yê-Yé band, Rue '66 and moonlights as assistant for the Flamin' Groovies. Formerly he was songwriter/session man for Angel Corpus Christi and guitarist and songwriter in 80's garage/psych band, The Trip.



Trumpet, Look Away and Trombone, Look Away.

Joh Peters & Jeff Swartz.jpg

John Peters and Jeff Swartz have been playing together since 1996 when they met up to join a Herb Alpert cover band but instead ended up in a different group-- Shitty Shitty Band Band. As the Tower of Cower horns, they also perform with Rue '66.



Vocal Producer on Read The Signs, Vocal Coach

Raz Kennedy has been performing and recording in the Bay Area for 40 years. As vocal coach and vocal producer, he has multiple Gold and Platinum records to his credit. A founding member of Bobby McFerrin’s Voicestra, Raz has worked with or for Narada Michael Walden, Todd Rundgren, and Counting Crows along with dozens of others. Raz presently produces, writes, and arranges vocals for live and studio projects, coaches clients privately, and serves as an instructor at California Jazz Conservatory and Blue Bear School of Music.



Mastering Engineer

Gary has been a fixture on the Bay Area music scene since moving to San Francisco in 1976. He began his specialization in the field of Mastering at Fantasy Studios in 1982, and has been credited on hundreds of albums covering all genres of recordings: classic jazz, classic rock, alt-rock, rap, hard rock, folk, classical, spoken word, and even sound effects. In addition to mastering in his studio, A. Hammer Mastering, Gary is a seasoned recording engineer, mixer, and producer. He is also an accomplished musician, playing bass in the band True Margrit.



Music Instructor


Jono Kornfeld teaches theory/composition, piano, and guitar at the San Francisco Community Music Center and lectures on music theory at San Francisco State University. The author of Music Notation and Theory for Intelligent Beginners, he also teaches privately. Jono plays guitar in Hop Sauce, an instrumental jazz-funk band, and lives in San Francisco with his wife and son.



Album Photographer, Graphic Designer

David Nelson Fox is a poet, musician, photographer, and graphic designer. His poems have appeared in more than two dozen magazines and two anthologies. His book of poetry, Domestic Violence, was published in 2000 by Vatic Hum Press. His photographs of the compass and colorful abstracts are featured throughout the site.



Photographer, Back Cover of Album

Tomo Saito is a photographer, musician, designer, and visual artist originally from Japan and currently based in San Francisco. His clients include the French Consulate in San Francisco, Asian Art Museum, Museum of Crafts and Folk Art, YBCA, Refinery29, Betabrand, and Christopher Willits. Additional photographs are featured throughout this site.



Artist, Album Cover

Bob Branaman is a Beat Generation poet and artist. His disciplines include painting, printmaking, etching, lithography, silkscreen, assemblage, sculpture, and film. He’s worked with Milo on a half dozen projects since 2000. At 82, he continues to make innovative art, working out of his converted garage studio. He lives in Santa Monica, California, enjoys mentoring young artists, and shows his work regularly in Los Angeles. Having outlived many of his contemporaries, Bob has become a meticulous archivist and worthy chronicler of the Beat era. Read a good interview here.