Love & Gratitude


     I’m receiving many positive words about the album− from people I know well to those I don’t know at all.

     It’s been a beautiful experience and I want to hug everybody and say, “Yay! Thank you!”

     Here are a few of my favorite comments. This came via snail mail during the holidays from someone I hardly know.

Dear Milo,

What a great CD... Amazing lyrics. Each song is unique and I love the order. Starting with Look Away was really great. Wishing you Happy Holidays! Wishing all of us more MSJ albums!

     An old high school pal bought a CD. We went through many changes together before drifting apart. Recently she wrote me this email.

Dear Milo,
I've really been enjoying your CD so much... it's so accomplished, you sound great, the music is great, and each song is so much of a story. Listening to it feels like going on a journey through your life. Well done!

     And there was this Facebook comment from an old acquaintance, a fellow writer and musician. We toiled together at a film and theater bookshop in LA while struggling to break into the film business.

Milo, I L-O-V-E "The Perambulator" !!!!!!!!
Every track is a dream. Honestly, I don't give compliments easily... YOU ROCK !!!

     My absolute favorite comment so far− and perhaps my favorite of all time− is what he wrote next in a message.

As usual, because you are a friend I'm looking for a reason why you SUCK, but I can't find a single thing. --This is a Great Album !!!


(P.S.) The painting above is a new work by my former neighbor and dear pal Bob Branaman, an original member of the Beat Generation. He did the cover art for the album.)