The Baby is Here!

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Welcome to!

I’m a singer/songwriter with a previous incarnation as a solo theater artist. My debut album, The Perambulator is an eclectic collection of original tunes featuring a diverse group of top-notch San Francisco Bay Area musicians. My songs are directly inspired by music I heard growing up in the 60’s and 70’s. Retro, yes, and authentically retro, dammit.

First an album now a blog?

Never planned to do either—life is funny that way. But I love trying new things and hope you do, too. Find out more about the album and my performance background throughout the site and in upcoming blogs, plus future performances of rock’n’roll cabaret. For the past 5 years a rapidly aging person has been sitting around in her bathrobe staring into space sometimes muttering, “Fuck!” However, I guess I really did flesh out some ideas because I made an album.

When you learn how the songs evolved, you may laugh, you may relate—you may even be inspired to go on your own creative adventure or... perambulation.

So stay tuned for my blog posts on the creative process of music-making. All the musicians involved are invited to comment so we should get into some fascinating discussions. The first post will be on Melt, the last track on the album, a psychedelic blues song because—hey man, I was born in San Francisco.

Again, welcome to the new site! Stay in touch by signing up for the mailing last and grab a CD here.