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THE PERAMBULATOR is a rock n' roll cabaret album of 10 songs in various retro styles. The word "perambulator" means a baby carriage (Great Britain) and an odometer (USA), or one who perambulates—walks around. The title song is Milo’s love letter to walking in her San Francisco neighborhood. Although the concept of stepping from genre to genre emerged in the songwriting process, the decision to title the album The Perambulator is a tribute to Milo's wheelchair-bound father, who passed away during recording. Some story from her life resides in each song. 

The songs on The Perambulator are directly inspired by music Milo grew up with in the 60’s and 70’s. Look Away hints at Bacharach/David and Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass. Family Album features a Beatles-esque vocal arrangement and elements of the Kinks’ Village Green period. Vampire Daddy is a shout-out to The Cramps. The Americana vibe of Read The Signs draws from The Band while Enchanté Monsieur is unabashedly inspired by Roxy Music and French Pop. The sole cover is an R&B classic by Allen Toussaint, A Certain Girl, sung here as A Certain Guy, lovingly butchered in a Devo style.

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