Dual ALBUM RELEASE PARTY with It Thing on 9/16

        I’m delighted to invite you to celebrate the release of my album, The Perambulator, PLUS the new vinyl album by Mark Zanandrea’s band It Thing, Kensington Way Revisited, at our Dual Album Release Party at the Hotel Utah on 9/16/16, also featuring Bernie Jungle. 

         Mark was my co-producer and guitarist, and the timing worked out perfectly to have one big party with It Thing as headliner. Critically acclaimed East Bay singer/songwriter Bernie Jungle opens the show. It’s going to be a fabulous night. Here are 5 reasons to come!

  1. My killer band, described in April’s blog, comprised of Erik Walker, Sean Yarbrough, Gary Hobish, Eddie Berman, and Janet Roitz. I wanted to call us Milo Starr Johnson & the Hired Assassins, but it was too long. So we are just Milo and the Assassins, playing most of the songs from the album plus one new tune-- a punchy set of rock ‘n’ roll cabaret!
  2. It Thing. For those that remember The Catheads with Mark Zanandrea and Melanie DeGiovanni (née Clarin), no more needs to be said. For the rest, if you enjoy electric folk, art pop, and dumbshit rock, well, please just come to the show. I will have more to say in my July blog before I hand it over to Mark to talk about Kensington Way Revisited. More about It Thing here http://www.catheads.com/it_thing.html and here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=847eLPReVqI
  3. Singer/songwriter Bernie Jungle. The East Bay Express calls his songs “lyrically phenomenal.” http://berniejungle.com
  4. Shiny objects...Vinyl records, CD’s and other merchandise will be for sale directly from the artists!
  5. Gustatory delights... The Hotel Utah has a great selection of beers, wines, and tasty food. http://www.hotelutah.com

So mark your calendars and we’ll see you there!